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Our Mission

Our goal at Eagle Rock Financial Advisers is to help individuals achieve their financial objectives through disciplined asset allocation and security selection while accounting for each investor's risk tolerance. We aim to provide clients with a long-term blueprint for their financial future.

Our Clients

At Eagle Rock Financial Advisers we believe all individuals and businesses need financial advice, so we do not have minimum net worth or minimum portfolio requirements. We are confident we can recommend a financial plan that suits each client's goals regardless of how much they make or the amount they wish to invest. We offer a variety of investment management options from one-time fees for portfolio review and re-allocation to full-service discretionary portfolio management.

We also pride ourselves in keeping our clients informed with regard to their holdings. When we invest in a company or mutual fund, we believe our clients should know why. Whether through our quarterly newsletter, email, or by telephone, we make every effort to keep our clients informed about their investments.

Investment Philosophy

We are long-term investors buying small ownership stakes in companies that we believe will return value to their shareholders. We focus on fundamental analysis to spot opportunities and find undervalued securities. We look at the long-term prospects of businesses. Smart investing starts with setting realistic goals and planning a portfolio around those goals. The goal often dictates the risk tolerance of a portfolio, which in turn dictates the strategy. We help our clients set these goals and then make recommendations for portfolio allocation and individual security selection. The appropriate allocation among different asset classes (stocks, bonds, cash, real estate, commodities, etc.) can have a dramatic impact on long-term performance, and we believe our client's asset allocation decisions go hand-in-hand with their long-term financial success.